Fan Fiction

I wanna be more than friends (COMPLETED)

by Ymi Ngo

Chapter 15

Obsessive stalker much?

Your point of view

"Look _____-ah, could you forgive Jaejoong if something happened between the two of you? We don't want you avoiding us. We didn't do anything to get you pissed right?" Yunho said to me.

"No. We didn't fight. It's just awkward lately." I replied honestly.

"Well we'll figure this out later after we find Changmin." Jaejoong declared.

"If we find him that is." Junsu said.

"Will you quit with the negativity?" Yoochun said.

'Whoops forgot to introduce you to these two.' I said to Henry pointing at Junsu and Yoochun arguing. 'The dolphin squeaky voice dude is Junsu and the other one is Yoohwan's brother.'

'I can sorta tell that he's his brother. They look alike.' Henry said.

Yoochun heard us and wanted to introduce himself properly I guess. 'I'm Yoochun. So you're friends with Yoohwan huh?'

Henry nodded. "Well I'll go home now, you guys should look for your friend."

'See you later.' I waved bye to him.

We started to look for him near the school.
Changmin's point of view

I woke up with a groggy feeling and my head hurted like hell. *Where am I?* I noticed I was tied in a chair in a janitor's closet somewhere in school. *Shit! how did I get into this mess?* Then a girl came in.

"Why are you doing this?" I tried not to get freaked out by her creepy stares.

"Because I love you. I always watched you and today I finally got the chance to get you. You'll be mine forever." She said and kissed me on the cheek. I tried not to puke. At that point she left and I tried to see if I could get my cell out of my pocket. I finally managed to get it and flipped open my phone. I tried to text Junsu. It's hard to text while being tied up. So there was mistakes but since it was Junsu, he would understand anyway. Consequently, the door opened.

*Crap she's back!*
Junsu's point of view

We were in the cafeteria and all of a sudden, I got a text.

From black hole:
Hyung HELp ME! I'm in the schoool somewher in a janitors closet. a stalker fanngirl hit meon the head when i trie to get back to gym. She's cary. SaVE ME!

"Oh shit. Hyungs, Changmin's in a janitor's closet somewhere. Let's spilt up and call each other when we find him."

"Okay then, You go with Jaejoong and _____ and I'll go with Yoochun." Yunho responded and they went upstairs.

"Isn't there like only 2 closets upstairs? There's way more here." Jaejoong said. "Aish they wanted us to do all the work."

"Yeah I guess." _____-ah said. I really could feel the awkward atmosphere here.

Trying to break the weird tension I said, "Let's go already. Changmin could get raped!" Both of them gave me a 'wtf' look but I was being serious. "A stalker chick kidnapped him!"

"Oh I see, Obsessive stalker much?" _____-ah joked.
Jaejoong's point of view

We looked through all the closets except for one. It was kinda creepy looking.

"If it's creepy then Changmin would be there." Junsu said and he cautiously opened the door. And we saw Changmin tied up in a chair looking like he was gonna pee himself. But I could understand why. The stalker was really ugly.

"Get away from Changmin!" Hyunmi yelled and punched the crap out of her like she did with those guys, still looking hot as ever. Junsu started to untie him and Junsu called 119.

"Hyunmi that's enough." She looked at me and gave me a 'what did you just say?' look. *Oops* Junsu and Changmin were confused. "Umm that's her Korean name."
I mouthed "Sorry" to her and she stopped hitting her. "Whatever."
Your point of view
~A while later~

The police came and questioned us and stuff like what happened back in Oregon. I suddenly started thinking about my friends. The stalker was gonna be in huge trouble and she deserved it. I saw Jaejoong talk with some of them. *I guess he knows them.* I went to where Changmin was.

"Hey, you alright?"

"Yeah I guess but this never happened before."

"That stalker probably likes nerds." I kidded.


"Just kidding. You're not a nerd. A lot of girls love you. Why would you be in DBSK if you were one?"

"Hey, you're talking to us again!" Changmin just realized.

"Yeah, I didn't mean to avoid you guys. It just got awkward between me and Jaejoong."

"Hey, do you like him or something?" Changmin asked being all curious.

"W-what?... No way! What are you talking about?" *Crap, I stammered!*

"Ohhh, I see." Changmin said and approached the rest of the gang.

*Do I like him? We're friends but if we're only friends why did he try to kiss me?* I was confused. *Nah, it's probably just natural player instinct.* I thought and tried to forget about it by going to DBSK.